It's one of those unexpected night time driving moments you dread. Suddenly, you see an animal dart out into the roadway. That's made even more dangerous when you're on a motorcycle as one rider recently learned.

Check out this super close call a motorcyclist had riding through a canyon area late at night.

Here's how he described his encounter:

I was just traveling along Highway 88 East at around 9 pm. Just before the roads get twisty coming up on Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flats. A dear came out on the road and almost ran in front of me. I got lucky that revving my engine got its attention. That doesn’t always work.

The Tortilla Flats area he is referring to is a very scenic area in Arizona.

Google Maps
Google Maps

My dad was convinced that deer whistles prevented this type of situation. They are small devices that use the wind to give off ultrasonic frequencies meant to alert deer to your approach. Lifewire shared a story about how the jury is still out if deer whistles were really effective. My dad was a believer. He never worried about science backing up his theories.

Fortunately this driver avoided impact and serious injuries and lived to share his scary moment.

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