Calling Mulder and Scully. Something weird is going on over the moon. There are multiple video shares showing weird objects over the lunar surface and it's definitely one for the X-Files.

The video above dates back to March of 2019, but there are new videos from just the past week or two showing a similar phenomenon from a different angle. Boing Boing shared these in an article yesterday about all the weird objects being seen near the moon.

What do you think it is? A user named Sean on YouTube thinks he knows. He commented:

This is obviously just moon whales.

Of course. Why didn't I think of that? Gotta love the YouTube comedians.

Before you laugh this off as fake, it's worth noting that NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin has claimed he saw UFO's on the moon.

I completely agree with many that these type of things can be easily faked with the technology we have today. But, I do respect honorable people like Buzz Aldrin and other pilots who have reported weird phenomena.

The truth is indeed out there.

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