If you love taking a blanket, laying on your back and looking at the Stars, Wyoming is one of the best states to take advantage of that because of the lack of "light pollution", unobstructed views and wide open spaces.

Maybe it's heading to Lookout Point, driving a few miles outside of town, taking the family to camp on Casper Mountain or just heading into the backyard, you have the chance to see all of what the heavens have to offer.


Each summer the annual Perseid meteor shower happens and this year will go from July 14th - August 24th. August 7-9 are when the New Moon happens, which means the there will be no added light from the moon, but NASA says the peak of this years event will be August 11 & 12th. The annual event sees up to 100 meteors fly through the Earth's atmosphere every hour, travelling at about 37 miles PER SECOND!  You won't need a telescope, you'll be able to see this phenomenon just by looking up into the big dark night sky!

Another great stargazing sight is the Milky Way and NASA explains that July is month that you can best see it especially in Wyoming. If you love to get out and stargaze or if you've always wanted to know more stargazing information, NASA has sky watching tips for each month of the year. Also if you want to know exactly the best times to see planets, Timeanddate.com gives you optimal times you can see each of the planets and explains what you're actually going to see.

The Casper Planetarium also has information and even opportunity for you to learn about what you need to look for when gazing at the billions of stars, galaxies, planets and constellations.

If you're looking for something to do with the family, definitely check out the FREE stargazing available every cloudless night!

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