Shot Through The Heart

Ladies, let’s face it – if you’ve just been through a crappy relationship, Valentine’s Day kinda stinks. This year, tell Cupid to take a hike and get a little stress relief with My Country 95.5's Shot Through The Heart!

Go through your collection and find something that reminds you of your ex. Could be that stuffed animal he gave you, that Valentine’s card from last year, a photo that makes you mad - whatever. Send us a picture of you and the offending item, and tell us why you want to blow it sky high. Our finalists will terminate that bad memory with the help of Rocky Mountain Discount Sports and Huber Townsend, a certified NRA instructor with 38 years of military and civilian training experience. After your basic pistol course - you’ll head to a shoot-off, for a brand new pistol from Rocky Mountain Discount Sports!

Ready – aim – fire away with pictures - we'll announce our finalists and the shoot-off will take place the weekend before Valentine’s.


In the event any of the finalists are unable to participate, the participant with the next-highest number of votes will be selected. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate. All finalists will be required to sign paperwork and liability waivers.

*Sorry, but the submission period for this contest has closed.

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