Valentine's Day is coming up next week and you know what that means - it's time to meet our 'Shot Through the Heart' finalists. These lucky ladies have earned the honor of blowing their chosen items to shreds with some serious firepower!

Not only will they get to terminate that bad memory with the help of Rocky Mountain Discount Sports and Huber Townsend, a certified NRA instructor with 38 years of military and civilian training experience, but after a basic pistol course - they’ll head to a shoot-off, and compete for a brand new pistol from Rocky Mountain Discount Sports!

Let's meet our finalists:





"My daughters and I are survivers of domestic violence. Getting to blow up my marrage license would be the grand finale in that chapter of our lives. "





"My ex and I just broke up after he cheated on me.This hat was one of the first things he gave me and i want it gone."





"What girl would want to receive a vaccume for Valentine's Day? And to top it off with a note telling you what to do with it!"





"It was about 2 weeks before Christmas when I lost my home, my personal belongings, and had to take my precious kittens to the pound. I became homeless. My ex-boyfriend then dumped me 2 days after becoming homeless because I couldn't figure out a way to hangout with him. He then went spreading rumors and talking bad about me anytime he had the chance. He gave me this teddy bear for my birthday. "

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