NASA is hoping you will partner up with them and choose to become a citizen scientist for the upcoming 2017 solar eclipse.  Here's how to join in the fun... 

First, download the new GLOBE Observer Eclipse App (NASA Go).  Then watch the instructional video located within the app.  GLOBE, which stands for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment Program, is hoping to get people viewing the eclipse to record and report the things going on around them during the event.

The only things you will need to participate are your smartphone and a thermometer.

Most all of North America will experience the eclipse to some degree, but here in Wyoming we will have some of the best eclipse viewing opportunities in the country. Once you download the app and register, NASA is looking to capture as much data as possible, regardless of weather conditions.  The app will guide you and ask you to record your observations, things like temperature changes, cloud formation, animal reactions and more and you'll be able to see how your individual contributions add to the collective project.

NASA is hoping people will join them in downloading the app from iTunes or Google Play and help provide vary valuable data as the event takes place.

Citizen scientists can also follow along with the project on social media, like Twitter and on Facebook.


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