An investigator with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office has received a Letter of Commendation for helping to prevent a suicide attempt in May of 2021.

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That's according to a social media post from the NCSO, who wrote that Investigator Joe Wistisen was awarded the letter for his actions last year.

"In May 2021 while Investigator Wistisen was on duty as a patrol deputy, a report of a young individual making suicidal statements but whose whereabouts were unknown came into dispatch," the NCSO wrote in a Facebook post. "Deputies searched the Rotary Park area and located the individual perched on a cliff, they stated they were contemplating jumping off. Deputies climbed the steep canyon, and engaged in a nearly hour long conversation with the individual in an attempt to persuade them to come back to safety."

The post noted that Investigator Wistisen arrived on the scene and climbed up to where the individual was located.

"He politely introduced himself and engaged in a conversation," the post stated. "After just 7 minutes he convinced the individual to come off of the cliff to safety. Investigator Wistisen's colleagues were astounded with his ability to quickly build a rapport with and gain the trust of the individual. He sought out and made arrangements with appropriate resources, going as far as driving the individual there himself and staying well past the end of his shift to ensure they were enrolled and comfortable."

The NCSO recognized Wistisen''s verbal skills and, even more importantly, his compassion for the citizen in need. The post stated that his actions were the "Epitome of quality and professional."

But, even more than being a 'professional,' Wistisen proved himself to be a good human being. One has to assume that even if he wasn't on duty, even if he didn't have a badge, even if this wasn't his career, he would do the exact same thing.

The reason he'd do it?

"It was the right thing to do," Wistisen said.

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