In addition to taking over the human race, Hitler was also intent on running the animal kingdom, according to new research.

The research claims Nazis wanted to train dogs to speak, read and spell.

A book claims Hitler hoped the canines, taken from all over Germany, would chat with their SS masters. The pooches underwent training in specially-designed schools to talk and send signals using their paws.

The plan seemed to have taken off, to some degree. When asked who Hitler was, one dog supposedly said, "Mein Fuhrer," while another reportedly showed off a softer side by discussing religion and poetry.

The Nazis had designs on man's best friend helping their cause by alleviating some of the workload from officers looking after various concentration camps.

While the Nazis were ultimately derailed, dogs who can talk became commonplace, from Astro to McGruff. And then, pretty soon, we all spotted mongrels who could engage us in witty banter.