The sounds of dogs barking could mean many things, but too much could mean trouble for the dogs owner. With owning pets comes a great responsibility and certain amount of dedication is needed to assure the best for your pet.

When a dog is barking excessively there are a number of things wrong, there could be trouble and Timmy may be in the well (Lassie reference), the dog could be complaining it's too hot and ready to go back inside, there could be a cat close by and it's irritated or the owner is ignoring the dog and not properly taking care of Fido.

In the City of Casper, there are rules to follow when it comes to making sure that your pet is being taken care of and if nothing is done, legal action could happen.

If a dog in your neighborhood is constantly barking, there are steps you should take before getting the police involved. According to the City of Casper Metro Animal Services, the first thing you should do is talk to the neighbor. They may not be aware of the situation. If that doesn't work, call the non emergency dispatch line and animal control can get involved. If Animal control doesn't convince them, the City Attorney may get involved and a day in court may be the next step. These steps don't bode well for a good neighbor relationship.

I've never understood why you would want to have a pet of any kind, if you're not willing and able to take care of it. In the situation with a dog, not only could you be mistreating your pet...but also your neighbors. Make good decisions and be happy to have a pet or find someone that would be.

If your dog is constantly barking, there are many things that may be wrong. To better understand your dog, here is a video that can help control that unwanted barking.

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