Hey pards!  It's Cowboy, again, and you know how I love my movies--especially the ones that might appeal to all the My Country fans out there.  And since it's a prime weekend to stay out of the showers by huddling up inside, I have another pick for you.

8 Seconds, released in 1994, is the story of bull riding champion, Lane Frost.  It was directed by John G. Avildsen, who also directed the original Rocky and The Karate Kid, including some of the sequels.

For those unfamiliar, Lane's life was cut short at our very own Cheyenne Frontier Days in 1989.  Lane had just scored an 83 on 'Takin' Care of Business,' and after dismounting, the bull ran over and got him in the side with a horn.  Lane, with broken ribs, stood up and tried to make his way back to the chutes, only to collapse again.  One of the broken ribs would puncture a lung and sever a major artery.

8 Seconds stars a hot-off-the-heels of 90210, Luke Perry as Lane Frost.  Cynthia Geary, who you might remember from Northern Exposure, as his wife, Kellie, and Stephen Baldwin, as his buddy and fellow cowboy, Tuff Hedeman.

It's a great story, full of inspiration in the way that Avildsen is famous for, and a wonderful tribute to a man that displayed so much courage, charisma, and hope, and who would go on to become a legend.  The soundtrack is awesome, too.

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