Lane Frost will forever be a rodeo legend. His incredible legacy has lived on not only just in the realm of rodeo, but also in film, music, music videos, and more.  And now, there's a new film that will come out, documenting Frost and the impact he made not only in bull riding, but on his fans around the world.

Frost was a PRCA World Champion Bull Rider in 1987 and was a ProRodeo Hall of Fame inductee in 1990, one year after his untimely death at the age of just 25, in the area at Cheyenne Frontier Days. He was posthumously inducted into the CFD Hall of Fame in 2003. As you're probably well aware, there's also life-size bronze statue of Lane Frost at Frontier Park in Cheyenne, just a short distance from where Frost died.

As tribute, there's previously been the movie, '8 Seconds', starring the late Luke Perry, who played Lane Frost. A number of musicians have paid tribute to Frost as well, in both songs and their music videos. Such artists were Aaron Watson, Kings of Leon, Korn, Smokin' Armadillos, and perhaps most famously Garth Brooks, in his music video for 'The Dance'. Tuff Hedeman, four-time World Champion Bull Rider and close friend of Lane's, compared Lane Frost's death to that of cultural icon James Dean.

Just recently, there's a new trailer that dropped for a new documentary about the cultural icon Lane Frost. Cheyenne Frontier Days and The Cowboy Channel both recently posted the first looks of the full trailer on their Facebook pages. Check out the trailer below.

As the trailer shows, there will be interviews from Tuff Hedeman, Lane's widow Kellie Macy, Don Gay, Sage Kimzey, JB Mauney, Pam Minick, Cody Johnson, Lane's parents, Elsie and Clyde, and more.

The full Lane Frost documentary is expected to premiere this winter.

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