We've seen and shared what seems like a zillion videos from the total solar eclipse as seen from Casper from back in 2017. But, this new video might be the most unique of them all.

This is a 4k video that you can view in 360 degrees. That means you can rotate the video from just about any angle and relive what the total solar eclipse from August 21 in 2017. Duncan Rawlinson captured this video from Casper Mountain and described his video on YouTube:

This video is meant to show what it was like during the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 on the edge of Casper Mountain in Casper Wyoming. The video does not show the eclipse itself very well. It's just a realtime recording of what it was like to be there in 360.

The great and unique part of this video is the ability to spin the camera around and view the experience however you want. The bummer is you can't really view the eclipse itself very clear, just like Duncan described. But, we've seen plenty of close-up videos of the eclipse. This is an epic video to me because it really allows you to get a more immersive experience of what August 21, 2017 was like in Casper. The one thing that you fortunately don't have to relive in this video is the traffic in town after the event was over.

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