If you think you've seen the total eclipse over Casper from 2017 from every possible angle, think again. There's a new video that shows that event as seen from 100,000 feet above the Earth.

Patrick Cullis is a professional photographer. He decided he wanted a unique perspective of the historic total solar eclipse from August of 2017. He attached a camera to a high altitude balloon and this is what he captured.

High Altitude Balloon Flight over Wyoming from Patrick Cullis on Vimeo.

Patrick mentioned on his YouTube share that they launched the balloon and camera from the western part of the state. At it's apex, the balloon captured the eclipse from around 100,000 feet. At that altitude, the air is around 51 degrees below zero according to the Engineering Toolbox. This is the mesosphere region where balloons eventually will explode from the pressure. This is near the absolute edge of space.

The specific part where you can see the shadow of the eclipse is something Patrick shared on YouTube.

Kudos to Patrick on sharing this one-of-a-kind perspectives on the total solar eclipse over Wyoming from August 21, 2017. Glad this is finally available for everyone to see.

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