Wyoming native Ian Munsick has done it again, this time with the help of his friend and fellow Nashville musician Carlton Anderson.

Munsick is a Sheridan, Wyoming native and is known for his unique country sound and his phenomenal ability to put his own spin on already popular music.

In this article on AmericanSongwriter.com Munsick said his goal as a musician is;

To take this life I was given and fill it with melody. Whether that be on a stage in front of thousands, or on a back porch with no one but the breeze to listen, this guitar will keep on ringing. We live our lives to a soundtrack and I want a couple cuts on there.

For this cover, Munsick joins fellow Nashville artist Carlton Anderson. If the name sounds familiar it may be because you heard Doc and I interview him earlier this year. Anderson planned to come to town with Old Dominion for their April concert that was canceled because of winter weather.

This weekend on Twitter I threw out an invite to both Munsick and Anderson to hang out in Casper, and Carlton Anderson responded with "Let's make it happen!"

@PrairieHeels via Twitter
@PrairieHeels via Twitter

This duo would be a perfect fit for some of our local outdoor music events, and I can see them keeping some of our country bars hopping into the wee hours of the morning!

Spread the word about these Nashville musicians, and I promise, we'll keep you posted if they make it to Wyoming this year!

In case you missed it here is our interview with Carlton Anderson.


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