The Beacon Club in Mills has been a Casper area staple for over 30 years and Laura Ryan has been Sneakin' at the Beacon and has been a driving force in the success of the club, but now she's ready to kick back, relax and retire.

Early this year the announcement was made that The Beacon Club was being sold and the only real question was the timing of the completion of the sale. Now, we know the date when the deal will be finalized.

At the end of July, the final paperwork will be signed and the retirement for Laura will begin.

Selling a business isn't always a quick process and the last 6 months has proven that point. When she was deciding that her time at the club was ending, it was important to Laura to know that the Beacon Club would still be known as the place to go with a great staff, good food, cold beer and entertainment.

When the original announcement was made, Laura said the new owner, Wyoming Downs, wants to keep the Beacon Club mostly the same.

He wants to keep Carrie (DePaemelere) on and all my staff and run it all the same. We asked him if he was going to put more machines in and he said at this point no.

When Laura step through the doors for her retirement party, it may the last time she walks in as the owner, but not the last time she'll walk in.

I'll be there for Carrie and I'll still come in Thankful Thursday and help out. You know it's been a part of my life for so long and there's no just walking away and never walking in again.

During the 30+ years that she's been involved with the Beacon, Laura has been a part of helping raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charitable organizations with Thankful Thursday.

Thanks for being such a big part of the community and memory making for thousands of people over the years, Laura. Enjoy your retirement.

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