There's a new study that claims it's becoming harder to vote in Wyoming. But, the "new" study isn't really very new.

The report comes from Northern Illinois University. They ranked each state based on what they call the cost of voting. Notice that Wyoming comes in nearly in the middle compared to US states ranked at #28.


Northern Illinois University[/caption]That isn't the real story for Wyoming in this study. If you look at their "ease-of-vote shifts" graphic, you'll notice that Wyoming is among the states where voting has become more difficult compared to how it used to be. From #2 to #28 is not a positive development in something so vital like casting your vote.

NOTE: the fine print says this data came from 2016, which isn't super-new, but is understandable since that was the last major election.

If you look at the breakdown of how this ranking was created, they rate the states based on the cost and time of effort it takes to register a vote.That includes factors like voter registration deadlines, restrictions, automatic voter registration, early voting and mail-in voting.

If this is accurate (a question I ask of everything I see on the net), it's a troubling development for a state like Wyoming that seems to pride itself on patriotism. Check out the full Northern Illinois University study to see if you agree.

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