There's been a perception for many years that people move to Wyoming mainly because of jobs. It appears that has changed. People are still moving to our state, but it's not because of jobs anymore.

This new study was shared by United Van Lines. Their national mover's study is based off of everyone that moved with them in 2019. Here's a map that shows the states people are moving to the most and why.

The map is interactive and you can view it yourself to check out different stats. I'll save you the trouble for Wyoming. Here's what they said about people moving here and why.
United Van Lines
United Van Lines

Isn't it interesting that an increased number of people are moving to Wyoming for the sake of their health and family, but less now for job opportunities. Keep in mind this study was done before the pandemic and its devastating effects on our energy industry in 2020. Imagine what next year's study will look like.

The United Van Lines study also shows almost double the percentage of people that are choosing to retire here while more people are leaving Wyoming for jobs than coming here for one. Interesting.

While Idaho, Washington state and Oregon remain hot spot destinations for those relocating, Wyoming looks to maintain it's less people equals better quality lifestyle attitude. This study will be one to watch in 2020 to see how the pandemic alters this trend even more.

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