Wyoming is responsible for a lot of good things in America and that includes making clouds as a new time-lapse video shows.

Accuweather shared this video that was captured by Todd Peto in the Tetons.

As I've mentioned before, my wife is a meteorologist, so I'm required to know things about weather. (happy wife, happy life) As the NASA website for kids states...

Clouds are created when water vapor, an invisible gas, turns into liquid water droplets. These water droplets form on tiny particles, like dust, that are floating in the air.

What this video in the Tetons is showing are the snow particles turning into liquid droplets and then "poof" you have clouds. Maybe "poof" isn't the technical word, but it's the word I heard in my mind when I watched the video.

It's a very chill moment to watch our Wyoming geography create the pretty things that will float over other parts of the country in the sky. We rock.

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