Often times when I find video content on TikTok about Wyoming, it focuses on the Tetons or Yellowstone.

And while there is nothing wrong with that (they ARE gorgeous), there is SO much more to our state than the northwestern corner.

So, when I found a TikTok video created by @shaleewanders labeled "6 Must-Visit Places In Wyoming" I was a bit skeptical.

But, much to my surprise, there were some places that I had never heard of, and because of that, I wanted to share these 6 locations with you.

You can find the video and more details about the locations below.

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Take a Look at These 6 Amazing Must-Visit Places In Wyoming You've Never Heard Of

In Wyoming it can be hard to see ALL the amazing places, many of which are kept a secret by locals. But, here are six must-visit places we think you've never heard of.

Do you think we were right about the location of "The Red Beach"?  We felt like it was Flaming Gorge, but it could have been The Red Canyon outside Lander or the Red Canyon at Glendo.

And while I know the Snowys may be well known to those of us that live in Wyoming, especially if you went to school in Laramie, they are a pretty well-kept secret from the rest of the world.

Below are some pictures of my time spent in the backcountry of the Popo Agie in the Winds, just in case you needed more convincing that these places are worth a visit.

Pictures of the Stunning Popo Agie Wilderness Area in Wyoming

The Popo Agie Wilderness area is part of the Shoshone National Forest and is located in the mountains outside of Lander, Wyoming. The trail shown in this picture is closed to motor vehicles, the only way to see these sites is to ride in on horseback or hike in.

7 Trails To Hike In Central Wyoming

There's no doubt about it, the entire state of Wyoming is covered in amazing hiking trails. If you're visiting central Wyoming here are 7 trails that you should check out. I've organized them from easier to harder, ending with Laramie Peak.

Here's What You Need To Know To Hike In Wyoming's Glendo State Park

Glendo State Park is a 22,000 acre park in Platte County Wyoming, and exists on and around Glendo Reservoir. If you're interested in hiking there, here are a few tips.

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