I have just discovered the weirdest and maybe coolest thing I've ever seen. It's a gorgeous view of our Wyoming mountains as seen by Elaine from Seinfeld. Yes, that Elaine.

I came across this video from Brad Hall. Here's Brad's description from YouTube (his words, not mine)

Aerial footage by Julia Louis-Dreyfus of landing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at sunset in December, with music "Wyoming" by Henry Hall.

Yes, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was Elaine on Seinfeld. According to IMDb, Brad is Elaine's...er...I mean Julia's husband. I also learned according to Departures, that Julia does spend time in Jackson.

This is so cool that I feel star-struck. Truth is I'm a little embarrassed that I was surprised by this since many famous folks travel in and out of Wyoming. But, somehow, I ended up being one of the first to see a video taken by Elaine from Seinfeld of our Wyoming mountains. Wow.

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