If you don't follow the weather in Gillette, you may not be aware that they recently got hit by a massive hail storm. There's new video that shows a driver who got caught out in the storm.

Robert Witham shared what he saw through his windshield as he approached Gillette on June 19.

Here's how Robert explained what happened:

As I was approaching Gillette, Wyoming on June 19, 2020 I drove into an epic hail storm! Since I was only a few miles from an exit I continued on as it seemed safer than parking on the shoulder of I-90. The storm ended up dumping marble-size hail stones that left my ears ringing from the deafening sound on the metal roof of the van and partially defoliated trees and plants.

The amazing thing is near the end of the video, Robert says that his van sustained no damage even though he was out in the open with marble-sized hail.

Interactive Hail Maps documents this hail storm (and others) which have hit the area. According to their records, Gillette has had 122 reports of hail by on-the-ground spotters during the last 12 months. That's a ton of hail, Gillette.

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