Nope. Not believing this for one single second. There's a new study that claims THIS is what Wyoming is Googling most often for Christmas. Nope.

I'll trust that the Satellite Internet website thinks they're right. But, nope they're not. Look at this map of the most Google'd Christmas things by state and you'll see what I mean.

Satellite Internet
Satellite Internet

Do you know any of your fellow Wyomingites that are Googling "Kardashian Christmas Card"? Nope and nope.

I've saved you some time and Google'd it for you. You will love what the Stylecaster has shared about the Kardashian Christmas cards if you enjoy blank stares.

The most shocking part of this may be the fact that we are making people in Nebraska look normal. "Best Christmas lights" seems like a reasonable Christmas search. Yikes.

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