How we Americans do characterize. Hopefully, that's not as snarky from our closest western neighbors, but here are a few facts Wyomingites might enjoy.

Outside of Colorado Springs, even natives of Colorado may not all know the home of the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs also has more pawn shops than any other city in the nation per capita.

What state would have the least people with sleep deprivation? South Dakota.

It's on The Platte River where America's largest migration of Sand Hill Cranes convenes annually, but its not in Wyoming. It's The Platte in Nebraska. We don't believe a majority of "Cornhuskers" all husk corn.

Maybe there are some non-Utes who can believe Utah has found the most remains from the Jurassic era. (And in we know not every man has more than one wife.)

Montana would like us to know their cowboys did protect their cattle when under threat, but only the U.S. military engaged Native Americans. Cowboys and Indians were quite friends, as they are today in Montana.

We all know the state that produces the most potatoes, but who eats the most potatoes is in any other state, by far. Boise State may play football on a blue field, but don't ask anyone from Idaho if they eat potatoes.

Add some U.S. geography fun to your Independence Day weekend with this quiz.

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