It would require some work, but technically I found a car in Glenrock that is absolutely free.

I found this beauty on the free page on Wyoming Craigslist. Here's the listing as it appears on that page.

Wyoming Craigslist
Wyoming Craigslist

Don't know if you can read the fine print, so I'll summarize it for you. It's a 1996 Ford Taurus. The problem is it blew the head gasket about 5 years ago according to the person who listed it. I've done the research and some websites estimate the cost of a head gasket replacement at over $1,000. But, here's the deal. The cost of the part itself is only around $50. It's the labor that can cost and arm and a leg. If you have mad skills fixing cars, this repair might get you a decent beater car for next to nothing other than your time.

If nothing else, you'd have a respectable entry into the demo derby at the fair. Check out the full listing before someone else picks this up and the free car in Glenrock is gone.

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