A pair of Old Dominion fans trusted the country band to reveal some big news to them at a recent concert. From stage, OD frontman Matthew Ramsey helped the couple reveal the sex of their soon-to-be-born new baby.

The parents-to-be created their gender reveal sign around an Old Dominion pun: "Help us reveal the gender of our baby so we can go 'shoe shopping,'" their sign read, a play on the band's song "Shoe Shopping."

One pair of blue baby shoes and one pair of pink baby shoes adorned the sign.

"I've never done this before. We're about to tell somebody if they're having a boy or girl," Ramsey explained to the crowd as he held the couple's sign onstage. He was stuttering over his words as he pulled the paper listing the baby's sex out of its envelope, admitting, "I'm nervous!"

"You have no idea, really? That would mean that, like, right now, me and the doctor are the only people in this world that know," Ramsey said before revealing the big news: "It's a boy!"

Cameras captured the happy couple celebrating their big news, and the crowd responded with a loud cheer, too.

A word to pregnant Old Dominion fans, however: Don't show up to their shows with gender reveal requests. While they seemed genuinely excited to help out one couple, they also hashtagged the video "#justbecausewediditoncedoesntmeanwewilldoitforeveryone."

Old Dominion are spending their February touring Canada, and will head overseas in March. They'll bring their 2020 We Are Old Dominion Tour back to the States in May.

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