Well, it appears as if the screws are being put to both die-hard alcoholics and worldwide sporting enthusiasts once again.

An unveiling of a sample menu by the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic games reveals that not only are these greedy animals planning to sell pints of beer for $11, but the concept of excessive capitalism appears to be alive and well.

It’s true, while some Olympic spectators root for their favorite athletes in the games of archery, boxing, fencing and judo, others will be knuckle deep inside the dog fight taking place outside the concession stands.

According to organizers not only will a beer cost $11, but a glass of London 2012 wine will set you back nearly $8, while $4 Coca-Cola and $3 bottled water will be available for those sadistic little monkeys revealing in sobriety.

Incidentally, the only beer being sold at the 2012 Olympic games is Heineken, which in our opinion should be switched to Pabst Blue Ribbon immediately. No sane person would dare sell an overpriced Dutch brew to millions of spectators capable of ensuing a riot. Not unless they want Thunderdome!

While there are some who argue that paying $11 for a beer is better than not being able to buy a beer at all – those people can obviously get by on having just one or two. Yet for those pure bred mutts who lean on the heavy side of excess, maintaining a steady two-fisted buzz would be a lot better.

After all, while watching one of the greatest sporting events of our time is extremely exciting, doing it broke and sober is not.