Originally from Gillette, Wyoming, artist Gabe Leonard occasionally returns to his home town to meet the many fans of his paintings.

His subjects span from cowboys to mobsters and movie stars. Each painting could captivate the mind to wonder what is happening in the picture. What is the story? There are so many possibilities. Often people can be heard arguing and discussing what they think the real story is. Pick the one you like best. There is no wrong answer.

Leonard spent his early life in Wyoming, sketching wildlife and selling them to his school friends for a dollar. He now lives in Los Angeles near boardwalk of Venice Beach where his studio is located.

His trademark style has curved bodies, big expressive hands, and often a lot of smoke, be it from a cigar or the barrel of a gun.

His works sell throughout Wyoming, but the bulk of them can be found at Wyoming Art And Frame in Gillette, his hometown.

In the video below, Gabe talks about how he started and how his art developed.

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