Honestly, some peoples' kids...!  Lauren Craig of Massachusetts was just minding her own business when she received an angry letter from one of her neighbors.  So what if her "business" included not taking down all of her Christmas decorations?

Adding insult to injury, and resulting in said neighbor taking pen to paper, was that Lauren had the nerve to put a leprechaun on her door for St. Patrick's Day, in addition.

"We notice that you still seem to have your Christmas lights up.  I'm not sure you are aware, but Christmas is over."  The writer continued, "Now let me ask why you would have Christmas lights with a leprechaun on your door?"  The anonymous author then told her that she had three days to do something about it.

That was all Lauren needed to "spirit" herself into action.  She proceeded to go out and buy all the gaudy Christmas "and" St. Patrick's Day decorations she could find and really went into decorating mode.  And the cherry on top of the fruitcake...she then threw a Christmas-themed party for all of her friends.  SLAM!

Can't wait to read that next letter!

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