I've always been a fan of this idea. But, I believe that now more than ever would be the perfect time for drive-in movie theaters to make a comeback.

While we're hopeful that the current period of quarantine will end sooner rather than later, I think it's a realistic expectation that social distancing of some sort will be with us for a much longer period of time. Of all the potential entertainment options that would work within that framework, drive-in theaters would seem to me to be the perfect fit for this new virus-safety era.

If you go to Drive In Movie.com, you'll notice that there is only one surviving Wyoming drive-in theater. That's the American Drive-In in Powell. While I would say they are more than worth the road trip for a nostalgic visit, I really believe a drive-in theater near Casper could thrive with this new normal.

I'm not alone in my thoughts. The New York Post just did a story about how drive-in theaters are making a comeback. So did USA Today and the LA Times.

Many drive-ins closed over the years due to upkeep costs, dwindling attendance and the cost of converting to digital. For a drive-in to realistically survive now, an owner would have to be able to count on consistent attendance far beyond this current crisis. Is this an idea you would support or has this time come and gone?

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