As someone who loves to spend as much time as possible on our local mountain trails, I can appreciate the difference between a well-maintained trail and one that's...not.

This winter, I learned how our snowshoe trails are made, and I was very impressed with all the hours that volunteers spend grooming the trails.

And it looks like I need to thank volunteers again for how well maintained one of my favorite Glenrock trails is.

The Duncan Ranch Trail is a 5.1-mile loop, and it's one of our favorite trails to hike as a family or ride on with the horses.

@OpenStreetMap via
@OpenStreetMap via

The Duncan Ranch trail is considered challenging, and it has a lot of up and down points along the route, as well as an almost 600ft elevation gain.

While there are some shadier areas (and a few creek crossings), this trail has several miles that can be very hot and/or windy.

It's also a very popular mountain biking and horseback riding trail.

And right now, the Outdoor Enthusiasts of Converse County are asking you to help them maintain this trail.

"Join us on August 25th, 26th, or 27th to help build, maintain, and improve the trails at Duncan Ranch. Workers from Wyoming State Trail Program will be there to help guide the work. The work will start mid-morning on all three days."

Outdoor Enthusiasts Of Converse Co. via FAcebook
Outdoor Enthusiasts Of Converse Co. via Facebook

More details and updates will be posted to the Outdoor Enthusiasts of Converse County Facebook Page.

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