Parmalee's 'Close Your Eyes' video features all the best parts of summer, from bikinis to sSolo cups and slip 'n slides, to glow paint. And of course, the summery clip ends with one big kiss.

The 'Close Your Eyes' video kicks off with the boys working hard on the farm, but it quickly becomes a Southern summer party with girls modeling their tan bodies in bikinis. Parmalee's Matt Thomas belts out the song about that one first kiss in the same field.

“It’s all about that first kiss,” the lead singer tells the Boot of the song. “I think everybody remembers where they were with that special girl or guy and they went in for that first kiss.”

It's not long before the water hoses start spraying and the slip 'n slide gets wet. Although the song is sweet, the video adds an element of fun to Parmalee's single. This is probably in part thanks to the video's director, Wes Edwards, who also directed Dierks Bentley's 'Drunk on a Plane' video.

When the sun sets on the Parmalee party, the drinks start flowing and the coolers show up -- along with lots of friends. It wouldn't be a field party with out glow-in-the-dark body paint and glow sticks. You may even see a glowing bikini top! The 'Close Your Eyes' video ends with one couple getting a little close and closing their eyes before they move in for the kiss.