At 7:15PM at the 2015 Country Jam Festival in Grand Junction, Colo., Parmalee brought down the outdoor house with a mix of hits, covers and a ton of energy.

"Are you guys ready to get this party started?" lead vocalist Matt Thomas asked the packed crowd. As cheers filled the air, the band kicked it off with "I'll Bring the Music." And they sure did.

Along with Thomas, his brother Scott Thomas (drums), their cousin Barry Knox (bass) and childhood best friend Josh McSwain (guitar) played along and hyped up the already excited crowd.

"Suntans and white tank tops / Summer time and no flip-flops / A little country / A little rock," they sang. The band, dressed in T-shirts and jeans, rocked the stage with electric guitars throughout the chorus, singing, "I'll bring the music / You bring the beer / We're going to kick this thing in gear."

Their fast-paced set included the hook-filled and romantic "Already Callin' You Mine," "My Montgomery" (which was absolutely chock full of electric guitar solos) and "Back in the Day." Matt introduced the latter song explaining that he was a small-town boy — and proud of it. "I had a fake ID / That looked nothing like me," he sang.

Halfway into Parmalee's set, the band kicked off a slew of covers, starting with Bob Seger's "Night Moves." Matt recalled that his dad taught him how to play the guitar "back in the day" and the first song he learned was Seger's 1976 hit.

Then, Parmalee checked in with the Colorado crowd, asking, "Everybody doing good, feeling good?" before launching into "Musta Had a Good Time," admitting that often a good time isn't always remembered. Covers included "Let's Get It On," which transitioned into Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" without hesitation. One of the highlights of Parmalee's set was definitely their interpretation of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball," which they re-wrote as "Fireball."

"Me and fireball had a fight last night ... she won," Matt revealed. During the chorus, he sang: "We never stood a chance at all / The fireball wrecked me / The fireball wrecked ... Parmalee."

There's plenty more time during 2015 Country Jam for more fireballs, including headliners the Band Perry, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Toby Keith.

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