Their little voices echoed throughout Downtown Casper.

"Candy! Candy! Candy!"

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There was no denying that the reason most of the children were present during the 2022 Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo Parade was the vast amount of sugar that they could un-guiltily consume.

But candy wasn't the only reason that, seemingly, the entire town showed up for the parade in Downtown Casper. There were other reasons, too.

Maybe they came for the floats. There were a lot of them, ranging from gigantic tractors, to horses and doggos, to Batman. Much creativity went into the designs of this year's floats and every entrant should be proud of themselves.

Maybe they were there for the politicians. Governor Mark Gordon was on hand, passing out goodies to the kiddos, while his opponent, Rex Rammell rode a steed through the parade. Congresswoman Cheney had a float in the parade, but she was noticeably absent from the parade itself. Her opponent, Harriet Hageman, however, was there, shaking hands and kissing babies (not literally. They don't do that anymore). Local politicians also made their presence felt, including Pat Sweeney, Mayor Ray Pacheco, the Casper City Council, and more.

If they weren't there for the politics, parade-goers might have been there for the dogs. There were so. many. dogs. this year in the parade. Big dogs, small dogs, nice dogs, quiet dogs; they were all there and they were, objectively, the best part of the day.

There were lots and lots of vintage cars, as well.

This year's parade had marching bands, and gymnasts, and mermaids (oh my!).

And there were clowns. But we don't talk about those.

There was something for everyone in this year's parade, but there was one thing that seemed to tie everything together. There was one reason that residents gathered at 10 o'clock in the morning on a hot, very hot, July day. In fact, there was one voice that spoke up above the others chanting for candy. When we asked this young lady, who couldn't have been older than 11 or 12 years old, what her favorite part of the parade was, she had just one word, and it summed up the entire reason why people were there:


This little girl said that unity was her favorite part of the parade and we couldn't think of a better answer than that.

The 2022 Central Wyoming Fair & Rode Parade put the 'Unity' in 'Community,' and we have the photos to prove it.

Photos from the event, as well as the livestream of the parade in its entirety, can be seen below:

2022 Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo Parade Comes to Downtown Casper

The 2022 Central Wyoming Fair & Rode Parade was in full swing in Downtown Casper on Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

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