Last week, the CY Antique Mall announced that they were closing their doors at the end of May.

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"Dear customers," the owners wrote, "it is with great sadness we are announcing that the Cy Antique Mall will be closing down the 31st of May. Many of our vendors have already started and will be having great sales going on in their booths until then. Please stop in to visit and shop with us! We want to say thank you so much to all of our local, nation and international wide customers that have given us many, many years of business and friendships!"

It took the community by surprise, as it's felt like there's never been a time that the CY Antique Mall hasn't been there.

But, oceans rise, empires fall, and shops close down.

Vendors within CY Antique Mall believe that another location could present itself. In fact, a sign on the door of the shop states just that.

"Dear customers," it starts again, "It is with great sadness we are announcing that the store is closing down May 31. We want to say thank you so much for many years of business and friendships!! If we move into a new location, we will post that to the media. We will miss you!"

And the community will miss them.

The CY Antique Mall plays host to a variety of vendors, all of whom have chosen to open up a small part of their lives to the community. Whether they're selling an old record that they slow danced to on a candlelit Saturday night, or a toy that their child grew up with, every single piece of merchandise that adorns the shelves of the shop isn't just an antique; it's a memory.

And that's what CY Antique Mall itself soon will be, so the owners are hoping to see as many customers as possible until May 31, new and old alike.

There are memories to be found, and made, at the CY Antique Mall and below are some photos showcasing just some of those memories. And each one has its own story to tell.

One Last Tour Through the CY Antique Mall

Trinkets, and Records, and Clothing, oh my!

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