Bears cub are always cute, but seeing them appear to pole dance is truly a joy to behold.

Lydia Ripplinger captured this awesome footage in the Grand Tetons over the weekend (May 1st, 2021). The video is already super cute seeing the cubs rubbing up against the pole, but Lydia adding the Jessie J song, Sexy Silk, off the Easy A soundtrack, makes it that much more adorable. She captioned the video:

Four little bears work hard to perfect their pole dancing skills.

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According to quite a few people in the comments section, it is believed the bears are 399 and her four cubs. Grizzly 399 is very famous in the Grand Teton National Park area and is often photographed and caught in video footage. This particular video was from last weekend, but she was spotted with her cubs only a few weeks before visiting a tiny cabin about a few days after awakening from hibernation.

Seeing bears rubbing against objects like trees and poles is often thought to be a way to rid themselves of old fur and insects, but some scientists think it may be a way for them to mark their territory. No matter what the real reason, we're just glad we get to enjoy it... at least if we're at a safe distance or watching a video.


To check out more of Lydia's beautiful animal content, make sure to follow her on Instagram: @lydebug.

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