This weekend, I made the mistake of flying the Greyhound bus of the skies, Spirit Airlines. I should have known better.

My first Spirit experience was a few years ago. When the plane landed, a lady in the back exclaimed, "Never Again". I also swore off the discount carrier, only to get fooled again by their low fares (of course, by the time you pay $55 for your carry on bag, Spirit isn't much cheaper than the others).

Surprisingly, our trip from Denver into Chicago on Thursday wasn't bad. However, the flight back yesterday was a nightmare, from their painfully slow check-in counter, to the worst security terminal in America (Chicago O'Hare), then a gate change.

When the plan finally took off, we were in the last row. Which made matters worse after we landed. Evidently, the gates were full, so we were stuck on the tarmac. First, the pilot said the wait would be "twenty minutes".

Even though we had landed, restless passengers weren't allowed to use the restroom. The angry attendant insisted that, since we could be cleared to taxi to the gate at any moment, everyone should remain in their seat.

They also turned off the air inside the cabin. Before long, it felt like a sauna.

And, finally, two hours after we landed, we arrived at the gate. Like the lady years ago, I screamed in relief, "Never Again". This time, I meant it.

Which begs the question, what's the worst airline you've ever flown? Sound off in our poll.

NOTE: I accidentally left Great Lakes Airlines off the list because I have never flown on it, and, frankly, I forgot all about it. However, since Great Lakes is based here in Wyoming, I can only assume that, at the very least, it's better than most of the other major airlines.