There is a chance that something special could be happening in the sky over Wyoming on America's birthday. There's a lunar eclipse that will begin the night of July 4th.

If you enjoy sky/space stuff, is a worthy site to regularly check in at. They document all of the eclipses that we'll experience in 2020. Their list mentions that there will be a lunar eclipse beginning the night of July 4th into July 5th. They note that the NASA map shows it will be fully visible over Wyoming.


National Geographic created a nifty guide about what causes a lunar eclipse over our heads.

Here's where it potentially gets really good. According to the article, the full maximum of the lunar eclipse is scheduled to begin over Wyoming around 9:07 pm and peak at 10:29 pm. If (yes, it's a big IF) fireworks are allowed the night of July 4th, that means you could maybe have fireworks in the sky with a lunar eclipse in the background.

The wild card in all this is the weather. We're still too far out as of this date to know what the weather forecast will be for Wyoming over the July 4th holiday. IF we have clear skies, there is real potential for a very rare combination of fireworks and lunar eclipse all at the same time. We can all collectively hope for good weather that night. If it all comes together, that would be a great time to have a phone camera that takes good night photos or have a friend that does.

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