On the heels of the eclipse of 2017, Wyoming has another reason to look up. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis may be visible further south than usual for the next couple of nights, September 6 and 7.

Though it is not a sure thing, a strong solar flare could cause sightings in Wyoming and Nebraska according to 9News, with the best of the two night’s viewing being on Wednesday, Sep. 6, 2017.

The Space Weather Prediction Center with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says a strong geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for September 6 and 7, 2017. Their map shows the most likely extent of to the vicinity of the yellow line, which passes through Wyoming.

Space Weather Prediction Center / NOAA

This shows the SWPC NOAA overhead global view of the Aurora Borealis.


Earthlight and moonlight could make viewing more difficult, and we are just one day after a full Harvest Moon. The smoke from fires in Montana, Washington and Oregon could also impede your viewing and photography. Good luck.