There's a sweet new video making the rounds on the net that proves without a doubt that there are likely more elk than people in Buffalo, Wyoming.

Cliff Baker recently shared this drone video of a huge herd of elk near Buffalo. It's over 6 minutes of nothing but elk. Lots and lots of elk.

Let's do some math. In this video alone, there are several hundred elk. You know that there have to be dozens of other herds not captured in this video. Last time there was a census in Buffalo, the population was 4,585 according to Wikipedia. That means easily more elk than people. Duh.

One quick disclaimer: I am not a fan of people that harass wildlife with drones. I'm making an exception with Cliff's video as he respectfully stays way above the herd. Some drone people make a nuisance of themselves and scare the animals. Cliff doesn't which is why I'm sharing his video. There are severe consequences if you do fly your drone to close to Wyoming wildlife. Wyoming Public Media reported one guy got smacked for harassing an elk herd near Jackson.

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