I used to fancy myself a gold prospector. That never quite worked out as my guidance counselor decided I was better suited to sit in a room and say words that eventually go out over the radio. One guy has managed to become a prospector and he just shared a video showing how one little machine can make it possible to find some Wyoming gold nuggets.

I've watched this all of this guy's video and I'm not sure I fully understand how he did it, but the YouTube channel is Wyoming Out of Doors. He didn't give an exact location, but he went out adventuring somewhere near the mountains of western Wyoming.

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His setup seems simple and it's all centered around a machine called the "Gold Hog". He said it's powered by a 12 volt battery which isn't much energy, but it does the job. Watch him (and it) in action.

I did some research and found the official website which explains a lot more about how this prospecting device operates.

At the end of the day, this guy only managed a few tiny nuggets, but it is gold so I'm not trying to downplay it. Gold is gold and more gold than I've found in all my days of talking on the radio.

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