If you mention fly fishing in Wyoming, one name that automatically comes to mind is Bob Carmichael. There's rare video that's just been discovered that shows Bob doing what Bob used to do best.

Based on some info in the YouTube share, Bob was the first to start a Rocky Mountain fly fishing shop in the mid-1930's. It also says that he was the guy that convinced Herbert Hoover to make Grand Teton into a national park. There's not been much footage of Bob fly fishing until just recently. Here's one of him out in a Wyoming stream.

There's been another discovery of Bob fishing near Jackson Hole.

And, one more of Bob fly fishing in the Snake River around 1949.

Around 8 years ago, Jackson Hole News and Guide did a nice backstory on what it was like to know Bob Carmichael back in the day. Grand Teton National Park mentioned that Bob was their official fishing guide back in the 1940's. He's truly one of those Wyoming legends we need to make sure is never forgotten. We wouldn't be nearly where we are today without him.

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