I don't know about you, but 20 years ago is a long time for my brain to comprehend. Imagine the challenge of imagining what life in Casper was like over 80 years ago. I have found a video that gives a rare glimpse into what life was like in our town back in the 1930's.

Jeffrey Corbin is a hero in my eyes. He shared this video out of his personal collection on YouTube with this description:

From my Collection, Home Movies of Casper Wyoming in the 30's and 1951. Featuring Alcova Dam, a fire downtown, the burning of Fort Caspar, and the airport.

Jeffrey is not kidding either. This video begins with what looks like an airshow in Casper. There's an open house from Natrona County High School from 1939 featuring the band at that time. There's video of a winter storm in 1939 with Casper residents responding the way Casper residents always have - skiing. Jeffrey also included some vintage ice skating from that year.

About 25 minutes into the video, the era shifts to what appears to be the 1950's. There's a parade with a classic float featuring an oil well. Yes, we've always loved our petrol around here. The sign on the float said "Oil is Progress" and that was in 1951.

Big thanks to Jeffrey Corbin for making this public on YouTube. It's not often you get to get in a time machine and see what our town was like that far back.

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