Freezing temperatures don't just bring snow showers and ice storms -- they can also cause flooding. The Reba McEntire Center for Rehabilitation in Denison, Texas unfortunately suffered water damage after it was flooded with hundreds of gallons of water on Monday (March 3), most likely due to a frozen pipe that burst.

The pipe ruptured on Monday afternoon, and Denison Assistant Fire Chief Bill Ray tells KXII that the water was ankle-deep by the time the firefighters arrived. The pipe was in the ceiling over the swimming and recreational area, and was part of the fire sprinkler system.

When crews arrived at the scene, they shut off the water and cleaned up the area in the west end of the building. Thankfully, the living quarters of the center were not affected by the flooding.

"Very grateful, you know, we were looking at first to having to evacuate the citizens and so forth, but, that's not going to have to happen, so we're in good shape," Ray shares with KTEN.

The extent and source of damage is being evaluated.

The Reba McEntire Center for Rehabilitation is part of the Texoma Medical Center. It was named for the songstress in 1994 after more than a decade of fundraising concerts for the medical center. The 21-bed inpatient facility is in place for people who have suffered a debilitating illness or injury, such as neuromuscular disorders, brain injury, stroke, cardiac disease, orthopedic issues, amputation or other disabling conditions. At the McEntire Center, they can rebuild their strength and endurance and to achieve their highest level of recovery.

McEntire has not issued a comment about the damage.