It is windy nearly all the time. The wind is just part of life in Wyoming. We hold tight to the car door when opening it. It throws snow from rooftops in a cyclone of snow. Regardless of the season, the wind is there. We took a look at the facts, and it blew us away. The numbers tell a windy story about Casper.

Nationwide, rated Wyoming as the 2nd most windy state. The state has an average wind speed of 21.5 mph. Alaska has us beat, but part of the state is in the tundra, so can that count? That does make Wyoming the windiest state in the continental U.S.A.

The site shares some interesting facts about the wind in Casper. We can look at the history of the wind at the Natrona County Airport. For instance, the wind usually comes from the South West. Not much surprise, but it also shows Casper is always windy.

The windiest months are January and December, with the most powerful wind gusts. July and August are the least windy months. No matter what month it is, there is wind to some extent. Living in the state, we have come used to that fact

How Windy Is It In Casper, Wyoming?

How windy is it in Casper? Is it really that windy? Yes, it is. Let's stop to look at these numbers. If you add up the percentages, it is way over 100%. How is that possible? Well, it is how you read the numbers. Wind speed is not constant, and it changes all the time. So, at any given time, the wind in January will be over 25 mph 58% of the time. Then 92% of the time, the wind will be over 10 mph. No matter how you do the math, this proves it is nearly windy all the time. What this doesn't show is the wicked gusts of winds that are upwards of 60 to 90 MPH.

This data comes from the site at the Natrona County Airport.

Here's What Wyomingites REALLY Think About The Wind

The wind is officially here to stay (for the next 6 months) and we asked our listeners to tell us what they REALLY think about the wind.

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