Some of you may not know that WAY before I became a part of the My Country radio family I was a blogger.

Well, technically I am STILL very much a blogger at (where it all began), but it's safe to say that now more people probably know me for my work on-air with Doc on the My Country Morning Show.

Just a little less than 4 years ago my mom squad and I made a mom parody video.

"Honey, I'm Good" by Andy Grammer was a big hit and one day as I was listening to it I came up with the line "Nah Nah Honey I’m good we could have another but we probably should not, no more babies for us."

I sat down with my bestie (TallGirlJ on the blog) and we wrote out the lyrics.

It’s been a long night here, up with this baby.
Eating, crying, and no time to pee
(Hold it now)
Yes they are sweet, I will not lie..
But if you ask how much I’m sleeping at night
I gotta be like oh lady, no lady, you got it all wrong lady,
My baby doesn’t sleep at all!

I had a couple of up for anything friends that were more than happy to help out and the rest is internet history.

Disclaimer: We are NOT professional singers lol ;)

It was tons of fun to do this video and we had NO IDEA how it would blow up!

By true internet standards, it didn't go viral, but in Wyoming over 20,000 hits is pretty darn good.

We even had a chance to come into the very same radio studio where I now work every day and interview with DJ Nyke.

Isn't it funny how things work out?

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