Wow!  Hard to believe it's been another year already.

If it's been anything like mine; you've had your ups, your downs, and a whole lot of livin' in between.  Congratulations on making it through 2010...well, almost.

With that said, I would like to share with you my thoughts, hopes, and wishes for a marvelous 2011!  I recently celebrated a birthday so I feel that I have indeed earned this wisdom that I am about to impart upon you.  So...

When it comes to making your new year's resolutions, I believe gradual is best.  No doubt, you'll resolve to lose the holiday poundage, quit smoking or any other vices you might have, spend more time with the in-laws, etc.  Don't set goals that are to high right off the bat.  Going for a pound a week rather than two; cutting down to a few ciggies a day rather than going cold turkey, might just make it easier to achieve those goals...and certainly make it more tolerable for those you are around constantly.

Get rich!  (no explanation needed, but please don't think I'm suggesting anything illegal.)

Find a hobby.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Explore!  It can be really easy to settle into a structured sort of existence.  A life that becomes too routine can cause you to limit not only your choices but your whole mindset to where you might feel that "this is it."  It isn't!  Your life is your own.  Take charge and challenge yourself.  You'll be proud of your accomplishment.  At the least, you'll be proud that you tried.  Remember that life is trial and error.  For instance, I would easily qualify for the "Worst Cook Championships."  Not after 2011!  I am now the proud owner of the "Cookbook for Dummies," and intend to be able to show off some new, and sorely needed skills.  I think I'll put the clean-up off for 2012, though.

Bring more to the world than you take.  This can take on a variety of meanings and can be relatively simple.  You can walk more; thereby cutting down on some gas.  Pick up a little bit of garbage that might not be your own.  Hold the door open for a stranger.  Avoid unleashing that fury at the drive-through attendant for forgetting your nuggets...a small reminder might just work.  A small contribution like that can go a long way towards moods and attitudes and gradually we might just make a difference.  I'm hopeful!  But by all means, if you've got the time and the ambition...go big!

Live each day as though it was your last.  The one true certainty about life is uncertainty.  You just never know.  Make it count.  Are you happy at the end of the day?

Count your blessings.  You have them...lots!

Last more!  Life is tough.  The world is full of heartache and sorrow and hardships and challenges.  No one said it was going to be easy, but I'm sure you know plenty of souls who have it much worse than you do.  If not, read the newspaper.  There are plenty of things we can't change but a healthy realistic attitude will help us go much further in how we deal with them, and we must perservere.  Life goes on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our radio stations part of your life and best wishes for a joyous and prosperous new year!