Full-time household help can be expensive — but how would you feel about having a domestic robot? According to a new survey, 68 percent of us would welcome the mechanical assistance.

And what exactly would we use it for? Online research company Persuadable Research Corporation says more than half of us would put a robot to work moving heavy things.

Other wish-list duties for our programmable friends included providing home security, cleaning windows, washing floors and dishes, and doing laundry.

But it wasn’t all about manual labor. About half of the survey respondents would use their robot as a de facto personal assistant to keep their schedules on track, while others wanted robots that would interact with humans to help out with babysitting, work with the disabled, or assist the elderly.

People also seemed to understand technology doesn’t come cheap — 13 percent of the group willing to shell out cash for a robot indicated they’d pay $15,000 or more to have one around.

But we have to ask …. if you have that kind of disposable income, why not just hire a real live human?

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