With Valentine's Day quickly approaching you might be wondering what gift would really show your valentine how BIG your love is for them?  Jewelry?  Flowers?  Not even close!!

I was thinking that very thing when I ran across the perfect answer!!  

You don't have to look no further than the "Giant Hunk of Love" from the Vermont Teddy Bear company.

True to his name, this Bear is definitely a giant hunka love! It's 6 feet of biggest Vermont Teddy Bear hugs and stuffed with more than enough love to last a lifetime - or at least until next year. Yes, a 6' teddy bear!!

So, if your looking to make a really big impression on your valentine this year, with out having to wait for the carnival to come to town.  You might consider giving them this Giant Hunka Love!

That's what I've done this year!  I think she'll love it!!

Have you ever been given a giant stuffed animal?  How did it make you feel?  Better yet, do you still have it?