We all know there are two seasons in Wyoming, winter and construction, and the first can sometimes last for up to 265 days.

This year, the spring warming has begun early and that's great for those of us suffering from cabin fever.

I've had cabin fever since getting a new boat back in January.  Wondering when I'd finally be able to get out and try out my new toy on open water.  Well last weekend, I finally got to try it out!

Not only did I finally find open water on the eastern side of Wyoming, the weather starting the day was almost perfect.  Calm winds and temps in the upper 50's.  Perfect conditions to open the throttle up and try out my new boat.

Check out my first open throttle run as recorded from the vantage point of my old boat (with it's new owners on board at full throttle).

By the way, a boat ride on a beautiful Wyoming spring-like day, is the perfect cure for cabin fever!!