No baby yet? Are you ready to have that baby yet? When is that baby gonna get here?

These are just a few of the many questions that expecting parents get tired of hearing as they near the due date of their new bundle of joy.

And believe me, they get annoying!

For those of us around the My Country office, our Digital Program Director Tom and his beautiful wife are expecting a new addition to their family at anytime now.  Literally it could be any minute!!

Tom is already a dad and I'm sure doesn't need any advice, but I thought I'd take a shot at giving him some anyway. (Would you expect anything less of me?)

Seriously! Not only will this advice help Tom with their pending birth, but should serve as a reference for expectant father or anyone else that might plan on having a baby in their future. Trust me, this advice is not only to protect your safety, fellas! But, It could just be the advice that saves your marriage or even your life!

As the moment of birth draws near, and your little one is ready to make his or her entrance into the world, remember these words given to me by my father - "As she goes into labor, your best bet of coming out alive, is probably to stay quiet and be supportive".  He added, "It's certainly not the time to start asking her questions, making small talk, or especially say anything that would annoy her".  (Hmmm... wonder why he would say that to me??  Oh, that's right - it's what I do best.)

So, take my advice here and believe me on this, shut your pie hole!


But if you are the kind of person, like me, who just can't keep quiet or has a tendency to pop off a smart remark and you feel as though you need to saddle up. I mean speak up. Guess we might as well have some fun with it! Right??

With that said, here's the plan. As the labor pains get intense you might try asking your love one of these simple questions.

Pull your hat down tight and hang on, this could be a rough ride!

Here are my "Top 5 Things Not To Say To A Woman In Labor".

#5 - Can you calm down and be a little quieter? You're giving me a headache.

#4 - Uh, do you remember when we... You know!

#3 - Are you really ready to be a new mother?

#2 - C'mon, It can't hurt that much!

And my #1 Thing Not To Say To A Woman In Labor:

So, when do you want to have another one?


I'm sure I've missed a few, and I know there are more deviant comments I could make. But this is a post that can be viewed by persons of all ages. I encourage you to Comment below and add to my list. Just remember - family friendly please.

To Tom and his lovely wife: Good Luck from all of us here around the office!

We can't wait for your bundle of joy to make her entrance into the world.


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